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Recent Listings

Sikh Marriage Bureau for SikhMatrimony - ,

Sikhmatrimonysite.com is among the top most choice


Sikhyatrauk - ,
United Kingdom

We are a travel company based in Glasgow, U.K. cov


Khalsa Realty - ,

Real estate advisory with proper legal suggestion.


JJ Embroidery - ,
United Kingdom

We at JJ Embroidery Limited pride ourselves on kee


Sukhbir Singh & Co. - ,

Sukhbir Singh & Co.


Sewak Ad Agency - ,

we provide bulk sms/voice call services,facebook,y


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  General Sikhism Sites

Sikh Community & Youth Service (SCYS)

Learn more about Sikhism at Sikh Community & Youth Service (SCYS). Offering information on its regular activities and all things Sikhi!

United Kingdom

Sikh Helpline

The Sikh Helpline is a confidential telephone counselling and email inquiry service where you can get help and obtain information on Sikhism and cultu ...

(5 votes)
0845 644 0704

United Kingdom

Sikh Human Rights Group

The Sikh Human Rights Group (SHRG) is an organisation based on the humanitarian principles of Sikh philosophy

United Kingdom

Sikh Kids

The aim of SIKHkids.com is to give young Sikh people support and the platform to share their views experiences and knowledge with each other

United Kingdom

Sikh Naujawan Academy UK

The NA is a group of volunteers, young and old, who arrange activities and facilties to support young Sikhs in the UK/Birmingham

United Kingdom

Sikh Pride

The Sole mission of Sikhpride.com is to show the pictures related to Sikh history, culture and religion

United Kingdom

Sikh Search

Sikh Search Engine helping you find what you need by searching through all the best Sikhism websites from across the web!

United Kingdom

Sikh Spirit

Sikh Spirit is a monthly newsletter of the sikh community

United Kingdom

Sikh Videos

Imparts Sikh Education through Videos - Includes indepth discourses full of Divine Knowledge and Wisdom on various aspects of Sikh Religion

(2 votes)

United Kingdom

Sikh Way Forward

This website has been designed specifically to serve the needs of the Sikh community of CoventryThe Sikhway ForwardP.O. Box 3540CoventryCV3 2ZF.

P.O. Box 3540 Coventry CV3 2ZF
United Kingdom


Introductory Sikhism facts, free online books about Sikhism, and feature-length Sikh videos. Also includes Panjabi tutorials, a Kirtan archive, global ...

(1 votes)

United States


The SikhiWIKI encyclopedia is our brand new experiment - A web based encyclopedia of the Sikh Way of Life written collaboratively by many of its reade ...

505-753-3117 (United States) / 65-9185-7545 (Singa

United States


Learn about Khalsa Panth

United Kingdom


Explores the history and evolution of Sikhism and its culture. Offers gurbani audio clips, live events, news, discussions, matrimonials, chat, job adv ...

United Kingdom


Its a world's first sikh preacher's Directory with data of all sikh preachers. Name of directory is Shiromni Sikh Parcharak directory(online ...

(1 votes)
+91 98767 11397
+ 91 987 67 11 397
59, sangat singh nagar 144008

Sikhs In England

o share the vibrancy of the relatively short Sikh history and its contribution to British society and customs, and the wide tapestry of cultures prese ...

United Kingdom

Sikhs India

sikh news, sikh views, gurmat prachar, sikh rahat maryada, sikh code of conduct, gurdwara pics, sikh virsat, sikh history, ragee jathaas, sikh shoppe, ...



Sikhzone.net - Online resource of sikhism. Know about sikhism, sikh gurus, gurdwaras, read gurbanis online, download sikhism wallpapers, gurmukhi font ...

(3 votes)


Stevenage Sikh Cultural Association

The Associationís mission is to promote the religious, cultural and welfare interests of all Sikhs living in and around Stevenage

United Kingdom

TatKhalsa Network hot

(6 votes)

United Kingdom

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Featured Listings

Inventive Creations - ,
United Kingdom

  Inventive Creations utilises the latest in creativ

Inventive Hosting - ,
United Kingdom

  Inventive Hosting, Inventive Hosting provides prof

Top Listings

Nanaksar Gurdwara - ,
United Kingdom

Nanaksar Gurdwara 224-226 Foleshill Road, Coventry

  (24789 Hits since 01-10-2006)

Canadian Singh Sabha Gurdwara - ,

Canadian Singh Sabha Gurdwara 8115 132 Street, Sur

  (24466 Hits since 26-02-2007)

Gurdwara Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha [Uk] - ,
United Kingdom

Gurdwara Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha [Uk] 134-1

  (23300 Hits since 01-10-2006)

Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha - ,
United Kingdom

Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha 47-49 Cross Road, Co

  (23262 Hits since 01-10-2006)

G5 Sikh Media Forum - ,
United Kingdom

  (22705 Hits since 12-02-2008)

Desi Sweet Centre - ,
United Kingdom

Desi Sweet Centre, a pioneering, authentic and sop

  (22627 Hits since 14-09-2008)

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