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Chalopind.com - ,

chalopind.com provides a one-way car rental servic


Jasman Consulting - ,


Skyline Park - ,

Skyline Park is a future residence nestled in a be


Bains Travel - ,

Bains Travel is an independently owned and operate


Sikh Marriage Bureau for SikhMatrimony - ,

Sikhmatrimonysite.com is among the top most choice


Sikhyatrauk - ,
United Kingdom

We are a travel company based in Glasgow, U.K. cov


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  General Sikhism Sites

Akhand Kirtaini Jatha UK

The official website of the Akhand Kirtaini Jatha UK

(4 votes)

United Kingdom

Carnage 84

A well presented site with good information on the 1984 Delhi riots

United Kingdom

Damdami Taksal

The official website of the Akhand Kirtaini Jatha UK

United Kingdom


Everyone Keeping Together As One

United Kingdom

G5 Sikh Media hot

Focused on the youth of today, G5 Sikh Media is a non-profit organisation dedicated to teaching Sikhs and Non-Sikhs about the faith.
Our site featu ...

(8 votes)

G5 Sikh Media, 8 Phoenix Park, Avenue Close, Birmingham B7 4NU
United Kingdom

Gateway To Sikhism

A comprehensive web site on Sikhism...

United Kingdom

Gurmat Parchaar Seva (Nottingham)

Gurmat Parchaar Sewa (Nottingham) UK has been setup with the primary intention of helping those who are familiar with gurbani, especially daily Nitnem ...

(1 votes)


United Kingdom

Gurmat Studies

Sikh Multimedia - Audio / Video

(1 votes)

United Kingdom

Gurmat Veechar

Katha, Keertan, Video, Pictures and Literature

(1 votes)

United Kingdom

Gursikhi Jeevan

Discuss Gurmat, Gurbani and ask questions

United Kingdom

Immortal Productions

Official homepage for Immortal Productions and Shaheedi Immortality

United Kingdom


shiromn sikh parcharki directory is world\\\'s first sikh parchark\\\'s directory with all sikhism kirani jatha,katha vachaks, dhadi, kawish ...

jalandhar 144008

Khalsa Pride

The Official Site of the Proud Singhs and Kaurs. A source of both information and inspiration

United Kingdom


Lokesewa.com is a portal on Punjab, Punjabi and Punjabiyat. Lokesewa promotes Punjabi Culture, Values, Traditions and Beliefs. It is an effort to exhi ...




The home of Khalsa.net

(1 votes)

United Kingdom


This site is dedicated to the Shaheed Singhs and Singhnia of Operation Bluestar, Delhi Massacres and the Khalistan movement

(1 votes)

United Kingdom


Committee for Information and Initiative on Punjab

United Kingdom

Raj Karega Khalsa Network

Sikh multimedia resource providing Gurbani, kirtan, images, videos and Gurmat articles

United Kingdom

Shabad Vichar

To receive weekly thought provoking Gurmat SMSs on your mobile, pls. send JOIN SHABADVICHARSMS as an SMS to 567678 from your mobile phone. It might he ...



The first online resource solely dedicated to the Sikh movement of self-determination

(1 votes)

United Kingdom

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Inventive Creations - ,
United Kingdom

  Inventive Creations utilises the latest in creativ

Inventive Hosting - ,
United Kingdom

  Inventive Hosting, Inventive Hosting provides prof

Top Listings

Canadian Singh Sabha Gurdwara - ,

Canadian Singh Sabha Gurdwara 8115 132 Street, Sur

  (31509 Hits since 26-02-2007)

Nanaksar Gurdwara - ,
United Kingdom

Nanaksar Gurdwara 224-226 Foleshill Road, Coventry

  (31420 Hits since 01-10-2006)

Gurdwara Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha [Uk] - ,
United Kingdom

Gurdwara Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha [Uk] 134-1

  (30698 Hits since 01-10-2006)

Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha - ,
United Kingdom

Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha 47-49 Cross Road, Co

  (29976 Hits since 01-10-2006)

G5 Sikh Media Forum - ,
United Kingdom

  (29849 Hits since 12-02-2008)

Desi Sweet Centre - ,
United Kingdom

Desi Sweet Centre, a pioneering, authentic and sop

  (29271 Hits since 14-09-2008)

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